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The SME Forum gives you access to proprietary thought leadership, original articles and research and that which has been developed especially for the community by our vendor partners or other members.  This archive contains past articles that have been featured on the website.


The State of Marketing Analytics in Asset Management, MarketBridge Benchmark Report

By: Bill Sheldon, Marketbridge    (05/2023)

In an earlier survey conducted by MarketBridge, 71% of asset management firms indicated they were increasing their investments into data, analytics and measurement, but for many gaps still exist, and ROI is often uncertain or elusive. Marketing Analytics should be the most straight-forward use of applied data science at a company—and yet it continues to struggle in this industry. Why? And what can be done about it?  …(read more)

2022 In Review and The Road Ahead

By: Hazem Gamal, The SME Forum    (01/2023)

We look forward to 2023 and reflect on all that we accomplished together in 2022.
Persistently high inflation, continuing supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine and other external factors created pressures on the financial markets and our industry. Despite growing headwinds, 2022 was a year full of successes for the SME Forum…(read more) 

A Roadmap for Modern Marketing Analytics: MarketBridge Executive Whitepaper

By:  Bill Sheldon, MarketBridge     (12/2022)

How to Make Marketing Science a Reality—and Deliver the Analytic Results that Executives Want.  Read a summary and download this whitepaper which is a detailed, concrete resource for Marketers and Marketing Analytics professionals looking to take their organizations to the next level of data-driven decision-making…(read more)

How Financial Advisor Needs Are Changing Amid Economic Uncertainty

By:  Bill Sheldon, MarketBridge     (10/2022)

Insights and Actions for Asset Management Sales & Marketing Leaders: Transition to Next-Generation Distribution – A persistent pandemic, renewed inflation, rising interest rates, and recession fears continue to challenge the wealth management industry. Faced with technology innovation, fintech disruptors, and fast-changing investor behavior, the aging advisor population struggles with omnichannel engagement, attrition, and attracting new talent…(read more)



Exactly What We Gain by Going Back Out On The Road

By: Andy Serwer:  Yahoo! Finance     (10/2021)

I’m on the road again, though with all due respect to Willie Nelson, I’m not sure I just can’t wait to get on it. ‌This is about business travel of course and more specifically going to conferences, conventions, and the like. So yes, I’ve been getting back to that old familiar routine of airports, airplanes, hotel rooms, endless days, and very little sleep…(read more)




On-Demand Webcast: Rapid Apps, Accelerated Results

By:  HSO     (04/2021)

On-Demand Webcast: Rapid Apps, Accelerated Results. You have big goals, your off-the-shelf CRM software, whether Salesforce or Dynamics 365 CE, is falling short and building a custom application isn’t in the time budget or financial budget…(read more)