Hey Dan (Civicom)

Serving 5,000+ wholesalers in the asset management industry from firms with over $7.6 trillion in total market capitalization, Hey DAN (formerly Dial-A-Note) is the premiere voice to CRM solution. Salespeople simply dictate and Hey DAN deposits the information directly into your CRM. Drop-down menus, check boxes and other unique fields are quickly filled out, without the salesperson’s help. Hey DAN is the first voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence, ensuring meeting note entry is fast, accurate, and complete.
Hey DAN is also the only voice to CRM solution that passes all security requirements within the asset management industry.
Beyond CRM entry, Hey DAN has built a sterling reputation for low-cost, high quality data management solutions. From expense entry to data scrubbing, list building and data mining, Hey DAN does the work behind the scenes so your sales team and support staff can work on high value tasks resulting in a phenomenal ROI.
Hey DAN was founded in 2006 specifically to support the asset management industry. It has since launched its own nonprofit foundation helping deliver relief to the poorest of the poor around the globe. To learn more visit http://www.feathersproject.org/